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June 13, 2023

Color is very interesting. It is the one thing that hits you in a visceral way – either negatively or positively. It is extremely personal and always causes an immediate reaction. It has been my experience that everyone responds to color to increase their energy or create calm.

In the last few years, we have depleted our homes of color leaning toward neutral tones of white, cream, beige, grays and black. These homes are beautiful in pictures and magazines; however, there have been studies done that the lack of color in our homes has caused anxiety and depression. The belief is deep in our primitive selves we equate this with desolation.  Without the warmth and stimulation of color we can experience anxiety and depression.

As a designer even my wardrobe tends to be in the same pallet. I rarely wear color and when I do, I’m surprised at the number of compliments I get and how it wearing it gives me a vibrancy that my neutral tones do not. Adding color to our homes does the same thing by changing the energy and giving life to our environment. How we use color to achieve that is very prevalent in Feng Shui.

I have worked with Feng Shui in my design process for many years and have been amazed at how many wonderful, empowering and in some cases life changing results were achieved. When working with a client one of the first things I do is open a fan deck and see where they naturally gravitate. Everyone has a pallet and tone they respond to. Bringing those colors into their home changes the energy in both the environment and the person. The next question is how do you want your space to feel and how do you live in it? With that you can pull together a plan that is not only visually beautiful but resonates on a deeper level.  

Feng Shui has been around for over four thousand years. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in it. I believe it is because our homes have become very important to us in the past few years and the need for a harmonious and nurturing environment has become paramount.

The simplest way to describe Feng Shui is to say it is acupuncture for our home and space. Energy moves similarly to air circulating around you; its flow is directed by objects in its path, and it needs to navigate around them. If the object is awkwardly placed, or in a narrow entrance it would contribute to distorting the energy flow. Everything around us is energy and that can become blocked.

Feng Shui is the process of alignment which lifts the obstacles that prevent the natural flow of energy. Feng Shui can help expel negativity and admit auspiciousness as well as attain a state of happiness, wealth and prosperity. From the visible aspect, we look at the shape and location of the rooms and take into account both the interior and exterior factors. The proper use of color and furniture placement harmonizes energy in the living environment.

Interior factors refer to the placement of structural items such as stairs, beams, columns, doors and windows. It also includes what colors are used, where furniture is placed and the location of appliances.

Exterior factors include how the house is situated (how and where it sits on the land) what direction the front door faces, trees, water sources, power lines, roads and intersections.

With the use of the Bagua it will determine the eight corners of your space. These are: Fame, Relationships, Children, Helpful People, Career, Knowledge, Family and Wealth. Each of these corners have a color that will enhance that energy.
For each individual, what unfolds in his or her life will have a different outcome. For example, by adjusting your wealth corner doesn’t necessarily mean you will win a lottery that week. It will however clear the energy for prosperity.

Feng Shui is another crayon in the design box to assist in creating not only beautiful but harmonious spaces for our clients. You will come to realize that energy can lift you up or possibly make you moody and feel down. We have all been in homes that leave you so comfortable you don’t want to leave and ones that are so uncomfortable you cannot leave soon enough. This is energy.

The introduction of color can be intimidating; however, it can be done in degrees. The easiest place to start is with paint and accessories and you can add in additional steps such as the introduction of a bold color on a sofa, chair or banquette and this can be incredible. What I love about Circa Living is it is the only store in Edmonton that uses strong color in every vignette and interestingly the feedback has been 100% positive. Everyone has loved the vibrancy of the colors, and they have their favorite pieces. Seeing this in place emboldens our clients and they are far more likely to purchase based on the connection to the piece.

Energy touches on every one of our senses, sight, smell, sound and touch.

When you come into Circa Living we hope to evoke all of them with our beautiful furniture, artwork, accessories, eclectic music, florals and candles.

We look forward to being a part of your experience.

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